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JK Uniforms "Circle" After Lolita Skirt And Hanfu.

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JK Uniform

If the Lolita skirt is on fire, I can understand that this gorgeous dress from the court satisfies the princess's fantasy of girls and the popularity of "fried skirt".

If the Han costume is on fire, I will understand it better. Chinese culture is 5000 years old. The Hanfu is extensive and profound. It can satisfy the Han people's hobby of collecting, plus the promotion of "Li Zi Qi" net red, can it not shine?

Recently, the "JK uniforms" are also on fire. For the "otaku", it is not just a welfare. The key is that a JK uniform can sell more than 30 thousand. Otaku only needs thousands of pictures and thousands of eyes to satisfy its eyes.

Unlike the Lolita skirt from the court, Han clothing from the ancient dynasty, JK uniforms are actually from high school, according to reason is a very small style. Why?

JK uniform is actually "women's high school student" uniform.

JK is the abbreviation of Rome's "female high school student" in Rome, so the JK uniform actually refers to the school uniform worn by Japanese female high school students.

As we all know, Japanese traditional costumes should be "female". It looks elegant and elegant, and is similar to Hanfu. Before the Meiji Restoration in Japan, it should be the students' favorite and the student's "standard" clothing.

Then, in 1920s, Japan began to be influenced by the western economy, and began to "worship foreigners."

However, after a period of popularity in the school uniform industry, sailors' clothes are just as young and cute as they seem to be, and Western-style money is born in the same fashion. Since then, there have been two mainstream styles of sailors and Western uniforms in the school uniform in Japan.

Therefore, although the JK uniforms have a long history, the characteristics of the minority are very prominent. If they do not come to China from Japan, perhaps the JK uniforms will not join the "three sisters" boudoir.

Chinese people's JK uniform sprout, namely animation, Japanese drama and so on.

JK uniform, whether you wear or not, is still popular at present. If you are a Post-80 or post-90 middle aged person, you must have the impression of "JK uniform" in your mind.

As long as you open your brain hole a little bit, we recall that in many Japanese animated cartoons or Japanese dramas that were seen in childhood, the heroines usually wore JK uniforms.

In fact, at that time, it was just a very normal Japanese student clothing, but it had quietly planted "fruit" in the brains of these Post-80's post-90s. After all, the actress was of high value, plus the "JK" color of the uniforms, which made the "JK uniforms" as bedding for the back otaku.

What's more, JK uniforms once again win the hearts of the people. We can see how touching the JK uniforms of Japanese high school students are in every occasion of the Sino Japanese student competition. This also causes many domestic high school students to Tucao on the Internet: when can our loose and overweight school uniform change?

For this kind of Tucao, I can only say: our senior high school students compare with Japanese girls, don't spell the uniform, mainly look at the face.

Today, the JK uniforms have become even more popular. Look at the entertainment circles now. Now the red rocket girls Meng Meiqi, and Guan Xiaotong, etc., they transformed into Japanese girls to attend various occasions and add fuel to the flames, as well as the "little sister" on the voice. The most popular thing is "JK uniforms". It is said that as long as they wear JK uniforms to dance, the number of visits increases by at least 30%.

Behind the fire is the "routine": limited edition.

In fact, JK uniforms can achieve quite a "hot" performance, not our "otaku" created. After all, otaku is a money saving product. It only searches for JK uniforms on the Internet. How many can you really buy for JK uniforms?

Therefore, the JK uniform can create a huge "consumer market". Otaku is only an indirect influence. The real driving force comes from the social media, live broadcast and short video, and so on, setting off JK girls' desire to buy, and the "flying uniform".

1, play is limited, to "grab" bar.

It is naturally the birth of various promotional activities that can really magnify JK's consumer market. It is said that after the JK uniform contest was held, many new fans of "JK uniforms" were attracted to join. JK circles were overcrowded instantly, because they all wanted to buy a JK uniform and make themselves a JK girl.

Someone posted a post on the Internet saying: in the summer of 2018, only two thousand or three thousand skirts were sold, and more than 30000 sold in one year. To create such a "high price" level, we must say that it must be a disaster caused by limited edition.

Some netizens laugh at micro-blog: buying winter clothes in summer and buying summer clothes in winter, this is the daily life of JK girls.

Taobao, an old shop specializing in JK uniform, carried out a sales activity of "11 skirts in a limited time" in August 2019, and the total amount of 120 thousand skirts was sold out in a very short time.

Under such circumstances, JK uniforms have become a worry for fans, because nowadays there are no spots everywhere, and you may not be able to grab the bookings, and you want to buy them at a high price.

2. Is it true that I buy the Japanese licensed purchase?

Today, cross-border electricity providers are very convenient, since the domestic can not grab, I will go to Japan "grab", is this feasible? Really can not, because Japan's JK uniform is only a school service, its number of genuine may be far less than the domestic.

In Japan, JK uniforms belong to school supplies, that is to say, only Japanese high school students can wear clothes. According to Japan's "ingenuity" spirit, they are also painstaking in making a JK uniform. It is said that the quality of school uniforms is very high, but the price is also very expensive.

However, compared with the Japanese school uniform, the money is only a small overhead.

According to the information from the Internet, in Japan, school uniform fees are about 10 thousand to 20 thousand yen, or about 642~1284 yuan, and uniforms of uniforms need to be provided with student cards to buy, so our JK uniforms can only get some second-hand clothes on the Internet.

It can be seen that the JK uniforms supplied by Japan are limited and can not be met. Under such circumstances, even the birthplace of JK uniform is hard to clean up. This "hunger" is not imaginable.

3, there are 4 kinds of real sailor clothes. Do you understand?

If you want to keep the JK uniform and keep on applauding, it will surely stimulate the new stimulus and bring forth new ideas. Therefore, the real Japanese sailors' clothing can be roughly divided into four types according to the collar shape: Sapporo, Guandong, Kansai and Nagoya, and there are two kinds of skirts: box pleat and wheel pleat.

Under this variety of design, many JK girls will naturally be interested if they buy a set of snacks and see other people's different styles. So a JK uniform is far from enough.

In Japan, from the background of changing styles, the JK uniforms in China regard the color system as a breakthrough. At present, the popular JK uniforms in China are mostly original styles, but the colors are brightly coloured. A row of small skirts are arranged in color according to their colors. They seem to be pleasing to the eye. If you want to assemble a rainbow team, you can imagine that.

But, to put it plainly, this is also the principle of doing business! I can't always be 3 years and 5 years. It's a style. So what can I do with my JK uniform?

Conclusion: when you come in to see the school uniform, you must understand business.

It can be said that JK uniforms are already in full swing. After frying shoes, frying skirts and frying boxes, it is natural to "stir JK uniforms".

Of course, the existing JK uniforms are hard to distinguish. They have been counterfeit as genuine products, and even direct the Japanese "foreign garbage" to direct the sale of domestic products. Various malpractices have already appeared, which is also a problem to be faced with.

All kinds of problems need to be solved by market rules. What's more, we see that a commercialized road with a simple JK uniform requires not only the source to be traceable, but also the need for market creativity. If it is used properly, is there still a lot of products available?

Source: intoxicated quotient

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